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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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...."now that you put me in this position, even if you don't help me one bit, i'm going to get it done, believe me don't worry about it. runs=07 now that you put me in this position -- even if you don't help me win big, i am going to get it done, believe me. don't worry. >> right now, president-elect donald trump kicked off his thank you tour in cincinnati tonight. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm in for raj mathai. on the road and in public for the first time, mr. trump reconnected with supporters to night stepping out of trump
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tower into the spotlight. he revisited campaign themes and announced a new addition to his cabinet. >> in the true sense history called and the people of this great state answered. and you are going to be very happy. >> sounding a lot like a candidate. president elect donald trump promised to grow the economy, shrink taxes and rebuild an energy independent america. he took joy in mocking the skeptics. >> how many times diddy he we h this? there is no path. >> he is naming james mattis as defense secretary. >> they say he is the closest thing to general george patton that we have. and it is about time. it is about time. >> he retired in 2013 as chief of u.s. central command which oversees military operations in the middle east and asia. he clashed with the obama administration over a nuclear deal with iran, a country he has taken a hard line against. earlier mr. trump visited
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indiana where he celebrated carrier air not to export 1,000 jobs to mexico. >> these companies are not going to be leaving and taking people's hearts out. >> so excited. great news. >> holiday gift for workers bracing for unemployment. but cnbc confirmed carrier is closing another indiana plant, exporting 700 jobs to mexico. including this one, held by this trump supporter. >> i am saying, save ours also? >> meantime, lawyers for donald trump filed a legal petition to stop a presidential recount of votes stew stato start tomorrow. green party jill stein is funding and leading the effort. under way in wisconsin. our cover of the white house transition across all digital platforms. download our app or check out our twitter feed. >> new, tonight, not your ordinary robbery. what you are looking at potentially life threatening ripoff too. surveillance photos show a thief
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taking the cash register from the grill. what made the robbery worse -- the cash in the register had donation money for employee suffering from the onset of organ failure. if you recognize that man, you are urged to call police. >> chp while investigating a shooting on an east bay freeway. at 3:00 on canal boulevard on the on ramp to 580 richmond. a witness saw people in one car shooting at another car. investigators did locate shell casings on the ramp no other evidence of a shooting. this follows a shooting on 580, 24 hours ago. police say a man and woman were shot near the fruitvale exit. investigators closed eastbound traffic for hours, while officers combed the roadway looking for evidence. victims are expected to be okay. >> it is the premium place to park in downtown oakland. after tomorrow night, drivers are out of luck. the clay street parking garage shutting down because it is not safe. located on clay street, 14 14th/15th. and cheryl hurd is there live
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with the story. cheryl, drivers need to find another option soon. >> yes, they do, indeed. now some who use this parking lot were surprised. it is not quite a senior citizen, but and it survived a number of earthquakes. this parking lot may be closing down for good. some drivers rolling out of the clay street parking lot between 14th and 15th streets in downtown oakland for the last time. >> if i get here, say at 10:00 or later, and can't get into this garage, it is very hard to find other parking now. >> oakland's public works says closed indefinitely because it is seismically dangerous. city workers looked at the 55-year-old four level parking structure and found cracks and decided it was no longer safe. >> the one under the -- under the devry is three times as expensive which is why i park here. >> the garage holds 300 cars. next to city hall across from the federal and state buildings.
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the cost to park here is inexpensive compared to other parking structures. >> cheapest place around. and, it's the -- it's closest to my office. >> just going to make it more difficult. i think i will survive. obviously, i have to. so, maybe i will take bart more often. >> so, the lot will be open all day tomorrow. up until tomorrow morning, at 1:00. if you would look a map to other alternative parking lots in the area, go to our website, at nbc bay reporting live in oakland. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. well a potential down side to a big upgrade coming for bart. transit agency is preparing to retrofit the transbay tube to ensure riders aren't trapped under the bay if a catastrophic quake hits. work could take two years. bart trains will be running after 5:00 a.m. instead of 4:00 and after 9:30 a.m. and only on one, only one track will be
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available. taken down by u.s. marshals after a daring escape out of santa clara county jail. not a movie. real life. it unfolded in the east bay. tonight hearing from one of the agents who helped recapture the escaped inmate. we are joined live from san jose with the story only on nbc bay area. >> how you doing. both of those inmates right now, back in this prison here behind me. as you said, this take down so detailed, and i am going to till you how it happened, step by step. >> vertly evacuated all. except the one the subject was in. for stave tee. >> joe palmer, remembers the moment he helped capture leron campbell in his sister's apartment tuesday night. >> mr. campbell peeked through the blinds and saw us. at that point that's when they initiated starting calling out command to him. come out, we know you are in there. >> palmer says marshals and
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police had the apartment surrounded. three minutes later the fugitive came out with his hand up. he had cut his hair, marshals say he also looked strange. >> we noticed he was covered in -- pink foam, or something. to that extent. >> agents later fog yerd oigure insulation foam from the attic where he was hiding and fell leaving a hole in the ceiling. >> saw us in the front. saw us in the back the he want up there. he is 6'4", 220, 230 pound. don't think it lars elasted lon. came crashing through the ceiling. that fall probably took most of the will to fight out of him. helping track down campbell and another who deputies say escaped from jail the night before thanksgiving. palmer says agents heard chavez was trying to conceal his unmistakable tattoo. the second manhunt ended wednesday night when deputies arrested chavez hiding in an atting in a san jose home. >> tell you what if i had a
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dollar forever person i pulled out of an attic or crawlspace. i probably wouldn't have to work for the government anymore. >> reporter: and tonight, i briefly spoke with chavez's family for just a few moments. i asked them did they have a statement. tonight to put out. they said no. i asked them do they have anything they wanted to say about his capture. they said not really. except for, except for one thing. they're glad he is behind bars. live outside the santa clara county jail. rick boon, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, rick. one person dead. two tuts others in the hospita tonight. the view from the nbc helicopter. you can see several cars involved. it happened just before noon today. at lombard. that is a major thoroughfare in and out of san francisco. that intersection stayed closed for more than four hours. backing up traffic for miles. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a high school teacher in freemont arrested and charged with having sex with a student.
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police say she started communicating with a male student at washington high in freemont this past spring. by early summer police say the 32-year-old pe teacher allegedly started having sex with the student off campus. investigators say they became aware of the relationship last wednesday and arrested the teacher thanksgiving day. she has been with the district since 2008. the district is cooperating with police and provided counselors on campus today. on the streets, people infront of kids. that's not working let's try this. >> next, high hopes for divisive idea that they hope will clean up san francisco's streets. then, getting a rent car turns into an emotional ordeal for one cancer patient. the troubling incident and the connection to a former 49er. >> plus, a serious danger for dogs and expe experimental trea may keep them safe. >> i'm jeff ranieri.
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cold night. dropping to 49 in san jose. let you know where it hits the 30s and where we could see rainfall return. at 11:19.
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you're watching nbc bay area news with the biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. we want to take a moment to correct an error from last night. during our report about the papini family in reading, hiring a private investigator to help investigate a kidnapping. we mistakenly identified him as a detective. however he never implied he was working with any government agency and nbc bay area should have identified him only as a private investigator. we do regret that error. >> it is controversial. and illegal. san francisco says it has a way to get drug users off the streets. let them shoot up in a supervised health center. the city one step closer to
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making it happen. there are big hurdles to clear. the biggest one, so-called shooting galleries are against california law. nbc bay area's correspondent is live in san francisco with the city's plan to overcome the obstacles. chuck? chuck coppola? >> they'll try to get the law changed. first thing we'll say. at the end of 25th street here in the south part of san francisco, very near the new mini rail yard. you see over here a notice, where the city posted a notice saying it wants to build a navigation center to help the homeless get up off their feet. you can see around here, there are hardly any homes around here. likely not very much push back. there may be push back in other parts of the city for the navigation centers because the city wants to put not one but maybe more of them, filled with some iv drug users as well giving them a chance to shoot up legally in the name of public health. >> 12th street, civic center hotel in san francisco. five months ago, a magnet for used syringes.
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now a navigation center helping the homeless, the kind of center that may soon take in iv drug users, shooting up under the supervision of public health workers. >> we live in a hotel that has got a navigation center in it? >> yes. >> would you live in a hotel that has safe injection center in it? >> yes, i would. >> why? >> because, i have seen too many people od. i have had, i have had to administer narcan too many times to too many friends. i have had too many friends die. >> the supervisor who sponsored navigation centers like this in the mission says state law must be changed to allow centers to help more than the homeless. those also with addictions. >> we want to have a situation that not only are we helping the drug users, by giving them a safe place, but also the neighborhood. >> needles on the street. people injection in front of kids. that's not working. let's try this. >> some neighbors are skeptical. >> what do you say to his argument that this takes it from the street and puts it inside a building some where? >> unfortunately, that does not work. due to the fact that anybody who
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uses drugs in any manner that is strong out on heroin, doing meth, whatever they're doing. they're going to do it where they're going to diet. >> what mayor ed lee isn't so sure, saying there are many, use with this. it is currently illegal under state and federal law and concerns include impact on neighborhoods, medical liability, cost and long term effectiveness. now, supporters say, allowing iv drug users into the navigation centers could be the first step in providing access to treatment. now, the state law can be changed san francisco's, health and homelessness directors say they support the move to deal with the city's estimated 22,000 iv drug users. and david campos told me, he is hopeful the likely successor to caramela harris, attorney general becomes an ally. chuck cop pochlt pola. >> they shared stories of loss
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and hope and discussed medical advances they have seen in the last 25 years. especially since a group of residents gathered there in the grove in golden gate park to create the memorial. the ceremony honored ryan white. many credit the indiana teen who died 26 years ago with really getting the world to pay attention to the aids epidemic. his mom attended today's event. >> it is such a proud moment to be able to remember those that have gone before ryan and, you know, even after ryan. people who made a difference in a aids community. >> there is growing concern that people are dismissing the continuing health threat presented by hiv and aids since treatment for the virus led to higher survival rate. >> some of the world's poisonous mushrooms popping up all over the bay area because of cold and wet weather. >> looking into an experimental treatment that could save a dog's life after it already ingested the potentially deadly mushroom.
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>> she eats anything and everything. >> look most dogs, roxy likes to eat. veterinarians warn this time of year it is dangerous to let your dog forage. mushrooms are sprouting in the rain. the bay area is home to two deadly species. >> this is an example of a destroying angel mushroom that was retrieved from the yard of the owner of georgie. >> the other the death cap. the sage veterinary center says a dog died earlier this month, after eating a death cap in the brionas regional park in contra costa county. the park district warning dog owners to monitor their pets. >> sage veterinarian ryan goople says a warning pet owners should pay attention to. >> i would say we probably see anywhere from about, 15 to 30 cases a year depending on the year how wet it is. >> symptoms start with upset stomach. dogs quickly go into liver failure. it is usually fatal. but when georgie, all it a western destroying angel, in her
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yard in san mateo county, he says he gave her an experimental treatment and she survived. >> we'll go ahead and remove the bile, where it tend to -- build up in a large concentration. and so you essentially do the same thing. you don't about the toxin to get back and hit the liver. >> while possible to treat it, goople says makes more sense to keep your dog away from mushrooms on the trail and at home. >> every morning before the dogs go outside. i whack into the yard. i coach all clients on the same thing too. pick, any, every mushroom. there are a lot of benoon ones out there. you never know. >> jeanne ellie, nbc news. >> eye opener. good advice. i will do that tonight. go mushroom hunting in my yard. >> they pop up so fast. one night of rain. sprout up. so big. >> rain, october. had the dry days. those warmer temperatures. then went back to rain. also drying. so it helps things to really kind of bloom across the bay area. and unfortunately, very
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dangerous consequence with mushrooms. watch out. live look right now in san jose. we have clear skies. already down to 49 degrees. 41 by 6:00 a.m. but we'll expect temperatures to be even a little bit colder for parts of bay area. namely for the tri-valley. 37 to start. also notice the sunny skies here across the bay area for tomorrow morning. so in terms of commuting, just need the jacket. probably click the heater on. it will be smooth sailing here at least when it comes to visibility. 43 east bay. 46 in san francisco. and, down to an average of 37 for the north bay. on your microclimate forecast through tomorrow. we have high pressure continuing to build off the coastline. that's the main reason why we will see the sunny skies return for tomorrow. and there is absolutely no sign of rainfall in that friday forecast. 62 in morgan hill. 63, san jose. 61. also notice through our microclimates here. wind will be breezy tomorrow. coming out of the north. 5, 10 miles an hour. the other thing that will do is
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import some dryer air, relative humidity. 30%. so, this -- this air that will be in the low 60s will feel even a little built colder, with that dry air in place. 62 for palo alto. san francisco, wind kicks up out of the north at 12 miles an hour. take the 262, make it feel like the mid 50s. for the north bay. 62 in mill valley. 63, expected in sonoma. as wind will be breezy for tomorrow. the good side effect from that its the air quality, not going to be that bad. we do not expect a hazy day. that's the good news here. as you will see throughout the bay area. looking good here as we head throughout tomorrow. let's get you into the extended forecast. we do have sunny skies all the way through sunday. then by monday, temperatures do get colder. a few showers by tuesday next week. but a better bet of rainfall by next thursday. and also looks like into next friday. and saturday as well. now, not a ton of rainfall. on that three-day period of next
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thursday, friday, saturday the we may actually see -- quarter to 1/2 inch of rainfall. there you can see for the interior valleys. daytime highs by next monday. 56 degrees. by next tuesday. >> daytime high? >> 53. >> yes. >> december. >> that's what we expect. >> chilly. >> yes. thank you, jeff. >> they are the hottest toy this holiday season. parents, and parents, might be able to find them a little built easier this weekend. where you can find a hatchamal in the bay area. >> jimmy. >> emma stone in is my guest. jeffrey dean morgan. and casey musgrave. tonight show hash tags. do not change the channel. >> on the home page. two people coming forward tonight claiming they got sick after eating thanksgiving dinner in antioch, the meal was premarried prepar prepared by golden hills church. the people who fell ill, 21.
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three died. are you ready for virtual football. ve virtual headset may be the future of watching sports. we'll be right back. nbc bay area responds. solving consumer problems and recovering $300,000. >> i contacted nbc. two days later the check was in the mail. >> we respond to every call, every e-mail. nbc bay area. we investigate. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show.
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same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best. is under fire tonight after a cancer survivor says she was turned away -- because rental car company under fire after a cancer survivor says he was turned away because her shaven head didn't match her license photo. leah cook went to alamo not wearing her wig. she had her car reservation in hand. gave it to a service member the after showing her license. the employ yo began to question her. >> he held up my id. said who is this? who is this? i said that's me. he was like, no, that's not you.
11:25 pm
i was like, yes it's me i have cancer. then he was like -- no. that's not you. and i took off my hat. i was look see i have cancer. >> adding insult to injury. cook says the employee called the manager and didn't believe her. distraught she called her daughter, the wife of former 49ers player, steven johnson. cook was able to rent a car after a second manager stepped in. >> could it be a sign that colin kaepernick's days with the niners are numbered or just a real estate move. niners quarterback put his san jose home up for sale. our nbc helicopter over his mansion in the silver creek neighborhood. asking price under $2.9 million. kaepernick can't opt out of his contact with the niners end of the season. team spokesperson told the bay area that kaepernick put the house on the market as investment decision. >> thrilling double overtime at oracle tonight. sports is next. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. hosting the high powered houston rockets. --and this one... was a thriller. the warriors at home tonight hosting the high powered houston rockets. this one was a thriller. these two teams do like to light up the scoreboard. pick it of in overtime. second left. tie game. kevin durant up for the win. it won't fall. now, we are in double ot.
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warriors down three. durant, downtown. the rebound. hard foul. after a lengthy review the given a flagrant foul. warriors go on to lose. 132-127. the warriors third loss of the years. >> as have one of the best players in baseball. because the team struggled not everyone knows it. chris davis hit more than 30 home runs. the as finish in last place. unless a die hard fan. you may not have heard of him. davis is okay going unnoticed. wasn't the case at the holiday party the team sponsored at the oakland zoo to day. >> think you have got to be a die hard fan to know who i am. >> no, i don't think a one hit wonder. i think he can be an all-star guy. that type of guy. put up numbers. >> i'm expected to just get as many as i can. that's my -- my attitude toward it. and hopefully, i just make it ring. >> good attitude. tie for third last season. hitting most home runs in major league baseball. nice event. >> well the hunt for hatchables.
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that's next. >> not the hatchable. listen up, parents.
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toys-r-us is reportedly getting 'hatchimals'. =vo= c-b well, listen up, parents. toys "r" us reportedly getting
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hatchables. cnbc reporting that employees at a santa cruz store posted the store would have limited stock of the hot toy sunday. that's not all. nintendo classic miniwill be in stock. the nintendo game console its sold out at retailers and highly sought after by customers. >> well, one of a kind christmas tree. check it out. it is a sand christmas tree in west palm beach. 35-foot creation, 600 tons of sand to make the creator's claim. it is the only large christmas tree in the word created entirely from sand. apparently, jeff, also weather resistant. >> oh. >> impressive. >> after last year's sand tree was dampened by the rain. sculptors brought in a week early so sand would have time to bake in the sun making it hard as a rock. >> beautiful. >> beautiful. >> true, they can't knock it down? >> i mean if, really strong storm came in. i, i am sure it could be gone.
11:34 pm
>> wiped out. >> yeah. >> challenge is on. knock it down. no, no, no. leave it the way. >> unlooeash group of ten kids it with a hatchable. >> with a hatchable. wouldn't mind getting one. >> kind of neat. >> tomorrow morning's forecast. cold. 41 south bay. 37 trivalley. for the north bay. coldest average. 37 degrees. san francisco, also chilly. and 46. we'll have sunny weather right through the week end. maybe chance of ran next tuesday and thursday. >> hmm. >> thank you so much, jeff. that will do it for us. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> bye. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone. jeffrey dean morgan.


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